b espresso franchises offer a unique opportunity to enter the rapidly expanding coffee market.

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  • Modern Italian store design
  • Exceptional coffee blends
  • Comprehensive barista training
  • Marketing and operational support

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B espresso is a proud member of the Canadian Franchise Association.

Meet Rahul Kushwah, Doctor-Barista

Award-winning scientist and entrepreneur is the newest b espresso franchisee

It’s not every day that a National Research Council scientist and former Banting Fellowship recipient calls us to inquire about franchising opportunities. 

But then again, Dr. Rahul Kushwah, a young scientist who has already amassed an impressive list of credentials, is not your typical doctor. 

In 2011, Dr. Kushwah co-led a team of researchers at Sick Kids Hospital who discovered an unknown T-lymphocytic disorder in cystic fibrosis patients.

More recently he has been a Professor at the University of Ottawa and co-founded a tech start-up that uses cutting edge research in genomics – information found in your DNA – as the basis of a personalized, total-health solutions for its clients. 

So what attracted the doctor to b espresso coffee bar? His twin passions for great coffee and entrepreneurism. 

“I decided against a career in academics because I’m really an entrepreneur at heart,” says Dr. Kushwah. “I’m also a coffee lover who’s always wondered what it’d be like to get into the business myself.” 

“Whatever city I’m in, I’m always researching cafes, trying to find the best one in town. That’s how I discovered b espresso in Toronto. I visited their Queen St. location and just loved everything about it – the coffee, the food, the atmosphere. When I introduced myself to the owner and learned it was a franchise I decided to get in touch. 

“One of the exciting things is that the brand is in its early stages – so I have the opportunity to collaborate with the founders in bringing it to life. You wouldn’t get that opportunity with a big, established franchisor. 

“I think we’ve got a great concept that’ll really take off in the next few years – premium coffee and food, distinctly Italian, licensed to serve cocktails as they do in Europe – nobody’s really doing that right now. It’s a real niche we can capitalize on.”