All of our blends are created from scratch, through extensive trials and tastings. Our local roaster oversees the process from beans to packaging, working in small weekly batches to ensure our beans are always fresh.


Espresso Roast 

Bold enough for a perfect cappuccino or Americano, but smooth enough to be enjoyed on its own, this 100% Arabica is a classic Italian roast, a blend of Brazilian, Colombian, Guatemalan, Costa Rican, Ethiopian and Indonesian coffee beans.

Appian Medium Roast (For Brewed Coffee)

Blend of Indonesian, Sumatra, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Kenyan AA, Columbian Supremo and Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee beans.

Scuro Dark Roast (For Brewed Coffee)

Blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Columbian Supremo and Tanzanian AA coffee beans.

Senza Decaffeinated Roast (Espresso or Brewed)

Blend of Columbian, Guatemalan and Costa Rican coffee beans, naturally decaffeinated using the Swiss water method.